Social Media Guidebook for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

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My love of Social Media grew when Doreen Virtue told me, "If you want Hay House to publish your book, you need to have a Social Media platform." I started building my platform from the bottom up with integrity and authenticity since October 2015. In doing this, I found my service muscle, my life purpose! To help other lightworkers, spiritual entrepreneurs and soulpreneurs build their following too! I realize now Doreen doesn’t believe in angels... lol. 

I started a Social Media coaching business in June 2016 after a friend watched me in a video with a Hay House Social Media consultant talking about how I was able to build my following with authenticity. She asked, "why aren't you charging people for this information?" She was right. Now I help people all over the world with Social Media. My specialty is spiritual entrepreneurs, but this guidebook can help any business.

I cover Facebook, Twitter and my favorite platform, Instagram. In this guidebook, I show you everything that learned along the way, all the tips and tricks I have used, which apps to use, everything from hashtags to "going live." I held nothing back in this guidebook. I hope it serves you.

When you purchase this guidebook, for a limited time you will be invited into my exclusive Facebook group where I offer continued support, and there is a tribe of like-minded people willing to step in and help when I am not available. After purchase send me an email at so I can add you to the group. 

The reviews are in: 

" I LOVE Tara. I have worked with her once 1:1 and I have her social media guide, both hugely helpful. One of my fave qualities about Tara is that she is so easy to talk to, and you feel like you already know one another because she kind of does her HW on your social media before speaking with you, she takes an interest in her clients as people. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person and what a lovely warm woman she is to boot. Hire her, buy her social media guide book, and I think you will be very pleased." - Shana S. 

"Hey folks. I’ve just finished going through Tara’s book on Social Media for the first time and I’m psyched to get started with everything! When I first came across the book and I saw it was 30 some odd pages, I thought to myself “I wonder if there’s anything that can help me?” This is because I’m not an absolute beginner — but I definitely still have things to learn and get better at. I emailed Tara and she responded very quickly. I asked her if she thought it would help me, etc. Tara was not pushy at all and explained what the book was. She left it by saying it was up to me. I decided to get it and I’m so glad I did! I feel like I can really accomplish something with my social media efforts now. Not only did I learn a few new things, but I was able to now put all the pieces in place and see the entire picture. I get it now. I’m printing it out so I can refer to it often as I build new habits and workflows. I would heartily recommend this to anyone. It’s also very cool that she’s on the spiritual and healing path. An added bonus for people like me. Thanks Tara! Oh yeah...the price wasn't an issue for me. It was more a case of you know, wanting to make sure the benefit you're looking for is in what you buy. But I think this book is definitely underpriced right now!! The value was excellent. I think it's perfect for beginners and also people like me who have some experience but really want to take it to the next level." - David Y. 

"I bought the Social Media Guide book on 23 Feb with 578 followers. Honestly when I started my instagram page last year May which is now @enrouteangels, there was no intent of having followers. So i was very happy with 578 from May 2016 till 23 Feb 2017. It was organic, it was authentic and I was going with the flow. I did not want to go the salesy way at all. Day one on instagram, 0 followers and 1 person started to follow me, who was it - Tara! I was so so happy because she had some 5 6k followers. She didn't need to follow me, I had nothing to offer, but she did - talks volumes about someone's character (for me that matters).

I'm a software engineer so social media is a piece of cake for me, but I hate it. I hate being on social media. But Tara changed that about me with instagram tips and tricks. They are simple, well-researched and really she has put in the book EVERYTHING she would have known. I visited her website and she had mentioned she consults as well. I honestly am saving up for that and I said the same to Tara as well. there was no Social Media Guidebook then you know. This was December I think. Then in feb when I saw she had a guidebook that was so ridiculously priced, I was super happy and I knew I had to buy it. There was something that felt very honest about it.

I started to read it - it has stats, well researched, very personal, tips and tricks, simple language, do's & dont's and the best advice - be true to yourself and take one social media at a time. It was a relief to hear that!! I came to know where I was going wrong with my instagram and just followed a couple of tricks.

23 Feb 578 followers - 2 April 1006 followers. Same feed, same content just more instagram algorithm based strategies. Thank You Tara. The thing that most works for me is followers being the byproduct of this whole journey, never the end goal. end goal is always more engagement and she makes that very clear <3

Now I'm building my Facebook with the Magician's magic wand - Social Media Guidebook!! Fingers Crossed <3 it's daunting, but hey I have the magic wand, remember?"  -Charvee

I look forward to seeing what you create on Social! Guidebook updated Aug 2018.


Tara LaDue

To see what I have done on Social Media check me out on Instagram at @taraladuetherapy 

Visit my website at

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Social Media Guidebook for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

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